Will you be the last fan standing?

Think you’ve got what it takes to represent your fandom in a head-to-head trivia battle? Here’s your chance to prove it!

FITC is proud to present Stand Off: a new variety game show, putting fans in a head-to-head competition for cool prizes, bragging rights, and of course, the ultimate title of greatest Stan!

Game play is simple. Answer all 15 questions about your favorite artist or group and receive a slew of prizes, including a $100 gift card to a Los Angeles local k-pop store, good in store and online, in addition to other great prizes like albums, photo card sets, DVD box sets, light sticks, posters, stickers, and so much more! The more questions you answer correctly, the more you win! Be careful, though. Incorrect answers come with (amusing) penalties!

Beware the sneak attacks!

  • Your opponent has the option to steal an incorrect answer!

  • Your Premonition could make or break you. At the beginning of the game, each contestant will be asked to guess the number of correct answers their opponent will deliver. If you are correct, you earn two points! If they’re correct, they also receive the points! The sneak attacks have the power to move you up an ENTIRE prize bracket, so use wisely!

Fret not, we have some help for you. We have some S.O.S. tools to help you save yourself.

  • Halvsies allows you to eliminate two incorrect answers from you options.

  • Safety Net allows you to automatically answer the present question correctly after you have selected your answer.

  • Stan-to-Stan is your chance to take a peek at the answer from our Kprofessionals, to keep or discard as your own.

Stand Off will be available on YouTube and Patreon, beginning in June, 2019.

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