Kayla ShaDay  Hometown: Warrensburg, Missouri  CEO, Photographer

Kayla ShaDay

Hometown: Warrensburg, Missouri

CEO, Photographer

Hey, I'm Kayla! Music addict, photographer and queen of awkward.

Born and raised a small-town Midwestern girl outside of the City of Fountains (Kansas City) in Missouri, I've always had a passion for entertainment. Singing throughout elementary school and into college, I found that I wanted to play a role in bringing joy to the world: I just didn't know how. Middle and high school introduced me to acting and I was instantly enamored. High school also brought me into the world of directing and song writing, which I still do regularly.

Facing health issues and somehow ending up in radio after college, something finally clicked. I was told that I would be fortunate to live to see 21, so I threw everything into the wind and decided to return to my music roots. Having been bullied throughout school, music was what I felt to be my only escape and it was in this choice that I launched Face In The Crowd in June of 2012 with Amanda Risinger, whom I met through my music adventures. Now residing in Los Angeles, my battle continues as does my dream of Face In The Crowd Entertainment. In addition to FITC, I'm the assistant director and co-producer of the Amazon Prime streaming television show Finding Miles.

Life is too short to be unhappy so my aim is to bring fun and interesting perspective to those that work so hard to bring others joy. Thank you for joining me on this wild ride. I'll see you at the show!

-Kayla ShaDay

"It's not a daydream if you decide to make it your life."