About Us

FITC Entertainment specializes in events and artist management. Interactive, memorable, inclusive events for every stage of music aficionado with artists that are free to create the art they love.

FITC, which stands for Face In the Crowd, was founded June 18, 2012,in the small town of Warrensburg, Missouri. One of the questions asked the most is how the FITC name originated. The answer can be found in the All-American Rejects’ song “Gonzo”; “I’ll never forget when we started out. The beat of the drum, a face in the crowd”.

“I’ve always wanted to be the face in the crowd that stands out to someone. But, really, who doesn’t? Face in the Crowd means being able to have a voice no matter how large or small you are in the entertainment industry, or what role you play. We’re a people place. Whether artist or fan, we want you to feel valued and welcome, just as you are.” -Kayla ShaDay, Founder & CEO

We're all for fun and games. If you can’t have fun while doing your job, why do it? Life doesn’t always have to be so serious.

Thank you all for taking the time to stop by and check out FITC Entertainment. It literally means the world to us and we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without you. We’ll see you at the show.

-FITC Entertainment Staff





FITC Who's Who

Kayla ShaDay

President | CEO | Talent Manager

Born and raised a small-town Midwestern girl outside of the City of Fountains (Kansas City) in Missouri, Kayla has been working in the entertainment industry since 2011. Spanning the spectrum with experience as an on-air radio host, live concert and event photographer, interviewer, and program host, Miss ShaDay is also an accredited Amazon Prime producer and director, talent manager, and public speaker taking a stand against bullying. Kayla is also fluent in Spanish, and learning Korean, Mandarin, and Japanese. 


IG: @kaylashaday

Devin Maziarz

Vice President | Talent Manager

I met Kayla in college and she invited me to help her do some concert photography. Next thing we knew, we were creating a new website and planning a concert. Now here I am, vice president of this beautiful company. I hope you enjoy this website because we put a lot effort to make it the best website we can. If you have any questions for or about me or the website don’t hesitate to ask. (Fan art is the way to my heart. Kayla's is through her stomach.)


IG: @devmaze

IG: @kassa91

Nathan Ruff

Talent Manager | Songwriter | Producer

Nathan was born and raised in the U.K. and moved to America as a teenager. He studied biology and was pre-med at UC Irvine, before realizing that he always wanted to work in music.

He then enrolled at the Los Angeles Film School where he met Kayla. He is now a part of FITC, co-host of Stand Off, working to create a Korean girl group and eventually manage them along with Kayla and Devin.

Elajah Starks

Illustrator | Graphic Artist

Team Hufflepuff.

Diana Tran

Social Media & PR

Diana is a social media guru. She finds the craziest of joy in #Hashtagology. Maybe if you're good, she'll use yours. Let the posting games begin!


IG: @officialdianattran

Corinne Gomez

Event Coordinator

 Concerts are the happy place! Corinne is a solid blend of sugar and spice, all packaged into someone that's nice. 


IG: @corinne.kathleen