Hitman Records, in collaboration with FITC Entertainment, is looking to form a 5 member girl group to debut in Korea and the U.S.

Please format your email Subject line as follows: PartAuditioningAs-FirstName-LastName (Ex: Rap-Jane-Doe, Vocal-Jane-Doe) If you are primarily a dancer, please select which of your vocal skills is stronger.

Please attach: 30 Second dance video clip, 30 Second vocal clip

Submit to:

Hitman Records and FITC Entertainment와 공동으로 한국과 미국에서 데뷔 할 5 명의 멤버 소녀 그룹을 구성하려고합니다.

관중은 LA에있을 뿐이므로, 주에 없으면 시청 날짜를 정해야합니다.

숙박은 제공되지 않습니다.

PartAuditioningAs-FirstName-LastName (예 : Rap-Jane-Doe, Vocal-Jane-Doe) 주로 댄서 인 경우, 어떤 보컬 스킬이 강해야하는지 선택하십시오

첨부하십시오 : 30 두 번째 댄스 비디오 클립, 30 두 번째 보컬 클립


Q: I’m international, am I still able to apply?

A: At this time, we are only accepting U.S. applications.

Q: My primary skill is rap. Will I have to sing?

A: Your audition may include rap, either from a song or freestyle.

Q: I’m not Korean or Korean-American, will I stand a chance?

A: All are welcome!

Q: Do I need to speak Korean fluently?

A: Korean skills are helpful, but if you can’t speak it, please be ready to learn.

Q: I’m not within the age range, can I apply?

A: All applicants must be U.S. age 16 or higher. We are remaining flexible with the age cap.